Integrated Ticketing System

Our bots can raise tickets, track tickets, close tickets, schedule and do many other tasks

Built for your needs

Customize to accommodate your workflow

Your choice of ticketing system should not cause you to feel tied up to its own limitations. Instead, it should be flexible enough to suit your needs. Integrated with ServiceNow , our ticketing bots can seamlessly function within and outside of key ticketing systems

Track the failure point/Off-Process

There may be offline processes which needs tickets to be raised. Route and schedule tickets to the correct agent so that the agent will be able to see and track exactly where the chatbot was not able to provide a sufficient answer to the customer’s query.

Key Features

It is accessible and easy to use

Send tickets through multiple channels

Lets users view the status of tickets

ServiceNow integration

Comprehensive notification alerts system

Supports grouping of related tickets

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