Generate conversation automatically

What if you do not have any data but want to start with a bot that can understand user queries. With Intentico's synthesiser, you can build training data sets for your bots to learn from by leveraging Natural Language Generation (NLG)

Built for your needs

Auto- Generate Data for Training DataSets

NLP models can learn from the training datasets and user queries can be answered. What if we say that you can use machine learning to build machine learning datasets to get trained. Use Synthesizer to generate high quality training data sets to train your models

Unique Product for Data Scientists

This is designed keeping in view of scarce availability of data for data scientists who can run a model themselves but do not have the necessary data for doing so. What if we could equip them to train better and start ASAP rather than waiting for data

Key Features

Auto web scraping data

Machine learning with NLG models

Synthesise datasets for data models

Figure out the accuracy for models

Easily build models on near-real data

Use as validation data sets for models

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