NLP Engine

With our NLP engine, build a great conversation with your customer, just short of having a coffee probably. Interact with them having a dialogue engine, controlling tonality, language and a bunch of parameters related to Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Generation (NLG).

Machine Intelligence Platform

We prefer to call it as machine intelligence when there is an amalgamation of both Machine Learning & Deep Learning Models interacting with each other to solve a customer problem. We use algorithms for reading, understanding & adding “context” to conversational interfaces that we build.

Adaptive Flow Engine (Bot Builder Platform)

This is an intelligent bot builder which encompasses robotic process automation as well as interacts with decision engine, NLP engine and machine intelligence. People with no coding skills can use this platform’s easy-to-use graphical interface to automate conversations and create interfaces that actually work.

Hybrid NLP & AI Platform

If you already have a platform in place like an IBM Watson or a Microsoft Luis, Cortana or an Einsten (Salesforce) or (Facebook) or a Wipro’s Holmes or want to build solutions around Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home or a custom IVR and want to make use of the platform capabilities, we are happy to do the start-to-end system integration of bots that solve problems.

Live Chat Platform

Intentico’s Live chat platform is built on top of the bot platform with hand-off on both sides where a bot can transfer the conversation to a human agent and vice versa. This results in agents stepping in where there is complexity involved or sentiment involved and have more time for your users, ultimately having happy humans on both sides.

Intelligent Agent Console

Every chat platform will have an agent console but what is different here is that ability of bot’s intelligence to flow into live chat software as well as the ability of the bot to learn from the agent’s interaction so that it learns progressively. More than 50 features make the life of an agent very easy and happy to interact with the customer.


Botlytics is more than a standard dashboard as it encompasses the entire journey of the user and their interaction broken down by every sensible metric. You can break-down the journey of a user by channel, by time spent or by bot + agent etc. It also has real-time analytics that derive insights and drive results in making conversations more meaningful and precise.

Conversational User Interfaces

Using all the above products, we build comprehensive voice bots, chat bots, email bots , social bots, IOT (internet of things) bots that solve your customer problems. These conversational interfaces are direct, personalized and develop a deep sense of cognizance from the customer intraction

Chat Miner

Chat miner is a text mining tool we use for analyzing chat data, agent call notes, IVR notes, email transcripts etc – structured as well as un structured data from various interaction sources and develop a high-level intent roadmap based on the text mined analytics. Our text algorithms derive insights and unlock multi-loop conversations