Bots in Ticket & Tech Support

Bots in ticket & Tech Industry

One of the most harrowing issues we all face is in troubleshooting where we don’t see what the webpage says we see or what the agent says we are looking at. In this scenario, Intentico’s thought-through solution for troubleshooting queries at L1 and L2 solve user issues. It even has an option to display images along with the steps so that the user can see/understand the bot better.

Sample Sales Use Cases

  • Generating an access token, One time password (OTP) and request service tokens on the fly for access
  • Basic troubleshooting guides and step-by-step technical troubleshooting processes
  • Enabling, Disabling permissions, software, hardware, how do I run X, game is not loading
  • How do I troubleshoot booting problems with my laptop or notebook
  • What can I do if my screen goes blank or how do I restore some software or app, what happens when something doesn’t work within the troubleshooting steps, how do I get back to something