Bots in Healthcare Industry

Bots in Healthcare Industry

Healthcare has been at the fore front of using technology whether its medical , surgical or diagnostic nature, it has always been at the fore front of making use of data science and technology to help people live better. In fact, when artificial intelligence was first coming up in the 1960s, the first prototype chatbot (it wasn’t called as a chatbot then) called Eliza was built as a Psychotherapist and counseling agent.

Whether its health assistants (a la fitbit™ to lifestyle changes advisor) or for patient management

Sample Sales Use Cases

  • Patient management – fixing appointments, updates, tracking clinic visits, rescheduling visits , medicine reminders etc
  • Hospital Management – Conversational discovery happens through Intentico’s bots be it scheduling a specialist visit or a referral to another doctor or a streamlined suite of services like booking a birthing suite, scheduling a test, x-ray or a scan - a series of procedures etc
  • Vaccination Management such as the series of vaccines to be administered for a child, cost, timely updates , fixing vaccines, adverse effects of vaccines , side effects, timing between vaccines etc
  • Care management bots can handle both out patient , in-patient issues like procedures, tablets, dosage information, treatment costs, chronic disease management, implants management , dental hygiene management
  • Lifestyle changes and tracking
  • Health Insurance – Intentico’s Bots can be deployed to handle simple to complex health insurance related claims management - insured coverage benefit, sum assured, specific coverage to a procedure (such as gynecology, cardiac procedures etc), exceptions to claims, claims requirements, document processing, payer insurance details, tracking and processing claims , dental claims
  • Psychotherapy and Physiotherapy related procedures and counseling services that can be “botified” with daily tracking of patient activities