Bots in E-Commerce Industry

Bots in E-commerce Industry

Over the next few years, owing to the rapid growth, ecommerce companies need to be ensure that there is a personal branding and a differentiation in service for their users. While Amazon claims to be the earth’s most customer centric company , the other ecommerce companies cannot afford to lag behind in terms of customer experience Customers may not necessarily revisit the ecommerce site for their service queries but would like to interact in a channel they prefer be it WhatsApp, Facebook, Kik, Mobile app, mobile browser etc. Here again, Amazon has already built its own AI voice platform called Alexa which takes the customer experience with Amazon one notch up than rivals. It is now turn for other players to grab the opportunity and deploy their own chatbots to engage with customers. Intentico can help ecommerce companies build suitable voice bots, chatbots , email bots , IVR based bots etc making use of available infrastructure while ensuring that the cost of customer service is not eroding their bottom line.

Sample Sales Use Cases

  • Product Discovery bots: With millions of catalogue products being available in ecommerce, you need strong search and information retrieval algorithms for identifying and showing the exact product the user wants. Our product discovery bots parse simple conversational text like “Show me some henley neck Tshirt in size 40 with full sleeves” or “ Show me all kids tops in Zara for ages 8-10” to appropriate search terms that retrieve the relevant information and present it visually or provide a link to the SKUs.
  • Product Recommendation bots could be based on a plethora of parameters like User Profile, Historical Data, web Journey, user behavior, seasonal variables, seller variables etc and display only the most relevant products for the user making his/her purchase decision easier. By having cognitive AI bots of Intentico, you would be able to connect to multiple systems and ensure the user experience is great. Recommendations of the bot are displayed in a contextual and personal way to ensure smooth interaction of the user
  • Customer Service Bots: Bots that can handle issues related to inaccurate and multiple charges, pricing mistakes and failure to implement coupons, sales codes and consumer rewards all fall under the umbrella of billing issues. Billing complaints tend to be among the most severe, as they directly relate to customers’ finances. Intentico’s bots can resolve most of these complex transactions .Our customer service bots across multiple channels can handle customer service issues related to delivery & logistics , ordering errors and shipping mistakes.
  • Intentico’s multi-channel speech and text bots can handle a variety of workflows through simple conversational interfaces related to refunds, returns. Closely linked to billing issues, refunds are another area where customers can easily become upset. If there is confusion regarding return policies, or refunds are inaccurate, retail businesses can count on unhappy customers. This is especially troublesome, as customers seeking refunds are already more likely to be unhappy with a business. Problems with returns only exacerbate the situation and here is where an awesome bot from Intentico can do the magic of service recovery and reduce costs for your business