Bots In Financial Service

Bots in Finance Service

We often feel not so good to club Banking , Financial Services , Credit Unions, Small Finance Banks, Micro Finance lenders, Cooperative societies as one big club as each of them have their own structures and problems that need more focus than the rest of their clan.

AI-based banking bots (speech, text, email, social) and can answer millions of
customer queries across multiple channels instantly and remove the need to search, browse or call to get answers

Sample Sales Use Cases

  • Retail Banking Bots : Info bots can handle questions like nearest branch, timings, tracking some change request or loan application of you, interest rates related to deposits, IFSC codes account balance , last few transactions, mini statements, processes related information , fixed deposit interest rates, recurring deposit information, auto loans, home loans, personal loans, overdrafts etc . Intentico’s information bots can find details and summaries, balances and interest rates to transactions based on expense categories, merchants, locations, and more.
  • Transactional Bots include resetting a debit card pin, credit card pin resetting, blocking credit or debit card, stop payment , transferring funds from one account to another , ECS , forex requirements, remittance updates , calculators, principal outstanding for a loan etc . Deposit into an existing account can be easily done through the bot . A loan product for an existing customer can probably be done better through a bot than a cumbersome form filling exercise and the mandatory documents (like Aadharor SSN) can be digitally integrated
  • Treasury bots are complex in terms of integration into existing systems and middleware in banking. While it is easier to say that a simple call/put options can happen through bots, in an age where algorithm trading is driven by bots, its imperative that focus should be only on customer service aspects of treasury post transaction.
  • Private Banking is in nature a customized service and needs to be top-class. Here, bots can assist the private banker manage his or her portfolio of clients and the client or the banker can schedule an appointment with the other. Private bankers can schedule a fixed frequency of information emailers etc and track the client’s interest and only then interact with them. Private banking clients can schedule their concierge services or travel related services with the bot and if need be to be transferred to a human agent. A part of routine and mundane tasks related t Wealth management, advisory services can also be automated through Intentico’s bots
  • My credit card bill looks high. Is there any reason? Intentico’s AI powered custom bots can dig into the account history, understand and analyze the patters of the last few months billing and then provide the reason for “WHY” the bill looks high. Most bots stop at reciting the bill or ranting out numbers, not cognitive enough to answer queries.
  • Can you transfer 2000 dollars to Sam’s account by tomorrow? Intentico’s bots can complete transactions like transferring money between accounts, making credit card payments, bill payments etc