AI -NLP, ML, DL Patents

Our Co-founder who heads data science has more than 25+ patents in machine learning , mostly in chat, text , voice and mobile. The other team members bring in top-notch ML, DL, NLP capabilities with more than 50+ years experience in data science. Intentico has its own speech recognition platform, natural language processing engines (NLU & NLG), decision engine, adaptive flow engine, real-time botlytics platform, live chat platform – all built from experience and knowledge.

Industry Knowledge

Team is a mix of AI, technology and domain. Having worked across global companies in Banking, Telecom, Manufacturing, Financial Services, offline Retail, Ecommerce,  the tem brings in a good understanding of the domain knowledge.  We have also worked on some pilots or POCs in healthcare, insurance, travel, hotel booking sites, manufacturing, academic institutions, food technology and many other domains. We consult on data and process before we go-live with any of our solutions.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is all what we care for . We understand chat, bot, customer & business. We have a great deal of experience in handling all aspects of customer service issues – be it voice, IVR, Chat, Virtual Assistants, optimization, campaigns , recommendation engines etc . We have directly or indirectly powered 20+ large-scale NLP deployments across domains.

Faster & Better

We do everything custom yet everything we do is faster and better than the rest. Our platform and solutions rapidly get calibrated with propreitary in-house tools and drawing from past experience, the bot will start with a good heads-up.<br/> Continuous re-learning algorithms post implementation are all an integral part of solution delivery & improvement

Success Fee Pricing and High Returns

We believe and trust in what we do. Hence, all our clients always have the option of going for a “success-fee” wherein charges are based on successful interactions with the virtual assistants and not on meaningless API calls.