Most manufacturing companies essentially sit on a large volume of data that was seldom unlocked for value. Take for example, most industrial units will have some or other form of historical maintenance records, fault records, regular inflow or outflow records, or component sales or replacement related data.
A wide variety of IOT and conversational bots can be deployed in manufacturing industry by ingesting readily available data and automating routine and regular work that bots are capable of handling better than humans.

  • A technical troubleshooting can be easily done by a conversational interface through machine learning and deep learning based bots. A machine has guided steps and in cases may need to be shown on how to remove or replace or add a part with visual and oral communications. What if you have to wait for an hour before someone proceeds to the next step – bots become tenable and robust in these cases as they can be trained on a variety of data like technical guidelines, log files, technician notes, inventory, trouble shooting time taken etc.
  • In a component industry there could be thousands of ABC parts and inventory, supply, storage and retrieval of components could play a big role in saving time and manual processs. Bots can also do commodity classification and data quality checks automatically across warehouses.
  • Intentico’s bots can assist manufacturers in fault diagnostics , Machineand environment management as well as energy Savings . IOT data based bots can control energy management efficiently by collecting necessary data in real-time, monitoring standard controls and optimising the operations thereby resulting in massive cost savings and reduced maintenance costs