Gone are the days when insurance was sold only on basis of fear and regulation . Today’s customers look for on-demand insurance services where they want to assess risk, understand policy documents, understand benefits, wants to compare various quotes of the insurance providers, get on with claims management etc. Insurance companies have to deal with thousands of customers, each having their own queries about policies, terms, conditions etc wherein they can automate majority of the repetitive tasks through bots.

  • Automated Insurance Agent: Intentico’s bots can analyze customer needs and modify product offerings to personalize the insurance quotes for customers. The bot can provide home, health, personal and auto insurance estimates and advice on managing risk.
  • Completing an insurance policy based on quote, risk , amount and delivering the policy , schedule as well as rider explanations. Insurance renewals being a problem can be automated with Intentico’s bots who can answer customer queries about payment due dates, payment options, retrieve documents related to the policy etc
  • Internal Assist Bots can be used for Product Discovery or as an internal agent tool for employees to interact using natural language to get answers on products, features etc .
  • Underwriting bots can implement workflows related to coverage amount, exceptions, requirements , filling mandatory forms automatically and help payors and providers . The bots can also manage pre-authorization from specialist doctors for surgery procedures.
  • Claims Management bots will process fire,safety, auto theft , auto damage insurance claims along with health claims management, provider data, payment process etc