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Around 15% of airlines in the world now rely on chatbots for their needs. However most of these are  facebook messenger bots  that solve simple and specific purposes. But often the problem is that there are too many different technologies and platforms which simply aren’t joined up. SITA’s report finds that topping passengers’ wishlist is having a seamless experience: 94% of passengers rated “streamlining services into a single app” as a “priority”, with 58% rating this as a “high priority”.

Sample Use Cases:

Simple FAQs like which gate does my flight depart from, delivered through conversational interfaces enhancing customer experience.

  • Booking tickets, connecting flights, rescheduling tickets etc
  • Baggage information, weight limit on checked luggage, Delayed, Damage or Lost baggage, baggage claims
  • Cancellations, Refunds workflows, travel insurance ,