Integrating Automatic Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Text To Speech Technology all of which is tightly hinged with the Toshiba Call Centre and its IVR System. True to the Toshiba tradition of being at the forefront of pathbreaking technology and an early adopter, here is yet another first from the mega Japanese brand. The Tosh
Toshiba is expanding its digital enhancement portfolio with the launch Tosh Speech BOT. Tosh Speech BOT integrates Automatic Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing and Text To Speech technology, all of which are tightly integrated with the Toshiba Call Centre and its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. “Distilling and analysing conversational behaviour, their intent and offering
Tosh Speech Bot: The bot that has got it all The Tosh Speech BOT has been developed in partnership with Intentico Inc., a Cognitive Customer Experience company based out of the USA. To summarise what the Tosh Speech BOT would do, it delivers Proactive customer interaction, propels increased customer engagement, offers 24/7 support to customers,
What is your background and how was Intentico started? I have spent about 10 years in analytics and data sciences across different geos before starting up. My earlier startups were data science based consumer companies .  Have been looking at this industry right from my days and tracking this transformation as well as having