Mr. Satish Medapati, Founder & CEO of Intentico Inc. and our esteemed alumnus of Class of 2004 elucidates the emergence and importance of chatbots in his recent lecture “Demystify Chatbots” for AI Fest 2020 presented by OrbitShifters Inc , India’s first virtual student AI conference. Certainly, a must-watch for AI enthusiasts. Video Link :          

VoiceTech in chatbots

Satish Medapati spoke at the ‘VoiceTech in Chatbots’ a meetup by VoiceTech India Community . He spoke on NPS Impact and Product challenges in deploying Speech bots which was held on 22nd Feb Saturday in Bangalore. Satish Medapati educating about the usages of Voice and sharing his experience of building voice based chatbots. Voice Tech India second meetup
Toshiba has unveiled its latest innovation, the Tosh Speech BOT, which optimises automatic speech recognition, natural language processing and text-to-speech technology. The new solution is being integrated into the Toshiba call centre and IVR system. Santosh Varghese, vice president, Toshiba Gulf, said, “Distilling and analysing conversational behavior and intent, as well as seamlessly and effectively
Integrating Automatic Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Text To Speech Technology all of which is tightly hinged with the Toshiba Call Centre and its IVR System. True to the Toshiba tradition of being at the forefront of pathbreaking technology and an early adopter, here is yet another first from the mega Japanese brand. The Tosh