Provided by Intentico’s proprietary NLP engine, called Curie. With Curie, we can build a great conversation with customers, just short of having a coffee probably. Interact with customers having a dialogue engine, controlling tonality, language and a bunch of parameters related to Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Generation (NLG) – all integrated into
  Since its launch in October 2020, the ML Elevate programme, hosted by AWS and Yourstory in association with Intel and Nexus Venture Partners, has been the hub of learning and growth for machine learning-powered startups looking to make a difference across sectors. In January 2021, six of the top 200 applicants were awarded AI
Intentico Inc. is chosen as the winner of Start-Ups in the coveted Amazon AWS Elevate & IntelAI conclave for Manufacturing and logistics transportation solutions. A truly ecstatic moment to be honored amongst 250+ startups across India involved in providing solutions through AI. Thanks to YourStory for facilitating the event.    
Happy that Intentico Inc. has contributed on AI time Journal Ebook. Here is the excerpt from our CEO in the ebook     Download a free copy here: