Conversational Interfaces for your Customer Service

Enhance Customer Experience
Reduce Cost of Service upto 70%

Delivering Speech, Text, Mail & Social bots in seven days


Our NLP and AI engines provide contextual solutions to your customers' problems.

Remember, most people are looking to reduce the time and cognitive energy it takes to perform everyday tasks — and they’ll reward companies that help them do it. Ensure that your customer experience is top-class by making use of Intentico.

Our chatbots drive customer conversations, not meaningless loops of messages that irritate your customer. When its not going anywhere , they transfer to a human agent without a customer getting irritated with the bot. A pleasant customer experience is guaranteed with our bots. The benefits of conversational interfaces are many.

Automate Support

Automate your FAQs, Queries, Forms & even Transactions. Our Chatbot can talk to your customers about their queries intelligently and resolve them.

Sell Products

Respond to customer queries with commercial bots. Provide access to your products and services, key features & help generate sales automatically.

Engage Customers

With our NLP and AI bot conversations mimicking human-like chat, give your customers a superb engagement experience on every interaction.

Enhanced CX

Enhanced Customer Experience is the foremost benefit of deploying our bots. Today’s customers do not have much time to spend on themselves let alone on service. Our bots understand your customer, their needs and the interaction mechanism making it a seamless interaction between you and your customers. Make Interactions better with Intentico’s custom built bots.

Reduced Costs

Employees need to be paid and so are other outgoings. Investments in chatbots will help businesses reduce down on employees or staff required. You can integrate our voicebots or chat bots to cater to your customer service or sales and pass on only escalations and complex transactions to human agents, thereby improving their productivity and reducing upto 70% of total costs

Effortless Scaling

Your business grows and so does all aspects of it. However, cost of customer service should not be proportional to your growth in which case, there is hardly any leverage for you. With our chatbots or voicebots or emailbots or others like IOT bots, we ensure that the scaling is disproportionally high to the cost incurred. You can infinitely scale with the least cost and worries

Continuous Learning

With every interaction of your customer, the bot will start learning and becoming intelligent as it draws from a wide variety of customer and interaction data. This is possible because of Intentico’s bots are built in such a way that they are capable of a wide variety of supervised and un-supervised learning from interactions; eventually outperforming the best process or humans

Better Branding

Unlike humans who can swing by their emotions or get vary of repetitive tasks, chatbots , email bots and voicebots will always adhere to the decisions and rules set by you. It’s like having your best employee on for customer service 24*7 and doing great job consistently. As you know every satisfied employee is a trigger to a happy customer, you have now so many of them through our bots

Omni Channel Support

Instead of you dictating your channel of preferred interaction to the customer, why not let the customer choose his model of communication and we serve him basis his preference , all the while having no incremental costs or not losing context of the query. With omni-channel strategy, you can deploy email bots, chatbots , social bots and voicebots which can talk to each other as well.

Omni-Channel & Singular Customer Experience

Intentico’s bots have a unique advantage of operating across channels through various modes - speechbots, text bots, emailbots, appbots all can handle a variety of workflows.
The customer can start and end his conversations in his or her preferred channel of interaction and with us, you an decide a channel as and when you please and it will be up asap






Cloud Telephony



FB messenger









Our virtual assistants always thrive on learning relevant context which is everything to meaningful conversations

  • Models built to understand users
  • Escalates to agents appropriately

Continuous deep-learning algorithms.


Our bot will provide the best possible answers for the issues your customers are having and helps resolve them.


Customer satisfaction and resolution matter. We provide comprehensive analytics on NPS, CSAT and FCR type of metrics.