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Enhance Revenues, Improve User Experience and Reduce Costs through Conversational AI

Why is my bill high?

What’s the status of my order?

Reduce call center costs

A Banking client reduced their call centre cost by 70%

Increase customer satisfaction score

An E-Commerce brand increased their customer satisfaction score by 30%

Convert more customers

An Insurance Company increased sales by 70% in six months

All in one experience management platform

Create cognitive experiences that learn from each other

What makes us different

Data and process consulting

Our team of data scientists and domain experts will work with you to define a process road map that is best suited for your business

Beyond the AI hype

Our cognitive CX platform has the tools to make use cases a reality, and can be integrated with services you already use

Managed service

Worried about getting stuck with technology that doesn’t work? Our team will ensure you meet your CX goals


90% of customer interactions resolved under 60 seconds

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